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Bill Morgan

Meet Bill Morgan

Bill Morgan has 40 years of farming experience and has become one of the most respected consultants in the Ozark region. Bill has a background in cannabis growing reaching back to 1968. It was cannabis that lead him into gardening and eventually commercial organic farming. Bill has built gardens in Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, and Arkansas, where he now tends a research for profit hemp farm near Fayetteville – Bio Gen, LLC (dba Ozark Mountain Medicine) – in the Ozark Bioregion. The pristine environment of the mountains of Northwest Arkansas with crystal caves, clean rivers, and limestone bluffs suits his quest for the answers to what this plant desires to express its medicine to its fullest.

What Sets Us Apart

Do you know where your product came from, or how the plants were raised?

What sets us apart from the rest is my relationship to both the soils and the plants. My plants are barometers to how well my soils are performing. Harvesting, drying, and curing is like creating a fine wine. I see organic inputs as building blocks of a system, to allow harmony.

Organic inputs are derived from the processing of plant and animal products that the farmer brings to his crop in order for it to express its production potential (they can be included as biological inputs). The most commonly accepted organic inputs are manure, slurry and green compost.¹

All of my inputs are organic or Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) certified.  Biodiversity is the goal, so I add many different products and microbials accessed both locally – IMOs, indigenous microorganisms (the microorganisms such as beneficial fungi and bacteria that have been adapting and surviving within native soil environments throughout the years)², or harvested from as far away as the Amazon. I also choose many cultivars to both see how they like my soil systems in Arkansas and to create a complex cannabinoid oil product.  Each step is done with the intent to allow both the soils and the plant to be all they can.

My harvesting, drying, and curing is done as it is in the MMJ business. All steps with attention to detail.  I live amongst my plants and touch each one every day.


This is the next chapter in a life story that started with a seed in 1968. I am here to complete the return of this plant to its inclusive acceptance in society once again.

² https://growingorganic.com/ipm-guide/using-beneficial-indigenous-microorganisms/