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Why CBD with THC?

Jul 9, 2022

During all of the years of breeding THC into the stratosphere, the minor cannabinoids sacrificed themselves for this gain in percentage. The plant originally produced both THC and CBD as well as many other minors, designed to heal the body and spirit. This plant is truly miraculous, but you know that, right?

When I made the turn from THC and dove into the CBD world, I had no idea just what I was about to be shown. The plethora of cannabinoids all need to be in play as phytocannabinoids in the body to initiate our own systems’ response to unbalance. The question for me was/is how to get the public to see what I was experiencing. I had thought that I could carve into the market with CBD alone, but have found that the plant really has another agenda.

The question for me was/is how to get the public to see what I was experiencing.

I decided to forge into the medical marijuana world and ask the question, how do I fit into this scene?  Bud tenders at a local dispensary were more than happy to submit to a research project. All of them smoke weed, and many also use CBD anyway. I provided a CBD sample and had them fill out an empty graph showing their normal response to THC alone, and then another day dose sublingually 100mg of CBD about a half hour before their MJ session. I composited all of their graphs to make the graph shown here.

Most customers of medical marijuana outlets are just interested in getting high, but those looking for something more will find it with the addition of CBD. Take some of the THC from the head and allow the body to reposition it to areas of need.  Try it, you’ll like it.


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