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OMM 3300 mg oil

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This herbal supplement is the cleanest, most potent oil to be found today, and is a complex cannabinoid medicine. We used 16 different varieties of hemp to develop a full spectrum product with a complex cannabinoid profile. Our methods of growing are always organic, regenerative, and sustainable in nature, practicing a living soil environment. The harvest timing and systematic approach, as well as temperature and humidity controls in the drying room, honor the process and bring the best possible outcome to fruition.

Single pass Supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction from our friends at AIS delivers the cleanest, additive-free oil, without any additions of isolates. Only MCT (a coconut oil derivative) is added as a carrier. You have heard about CBD, now try it in its purest form.

Take this sublingually (under your tongue), and allow it to stay in your mouth for maximum absorption, or put a drop on wounds or areas of pain.

What’s up with the 3300 mg?  This number is a measurement by weight (grams).

Most CBD oil on the market ranges from 300 mg to 1500 mg, with the most common being 500 mg. By diluting the original extracted oil with a higher concentration of the carrier oil, some suppliers can sell more bottles. Mine came in at 3300 milligrams after a single pass through a supercritical CO2 extractor. Because of the organic methods I use in growing, along with my harvesting, drying, and curing systems, the 3300 mg is very high without any additives. In other words, we don’t have to add isolates – an extract that contains cannabidiol – to achieve high potency. The proof is in the pudding.

— Bill Morgan

Our CBD oil is a complex cannabinoid medicine. We used 16 different varieties of hemp to develop a full spectrum product. Our friends at AIS use a supercritical Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction method. One pass through the machine generated the amazing 3300 mg medicine, without any additions of isolates. The only addition to the oil is a MCT coconut oil as a carrier. Just as pure and natural as we can produce. Nectar of the Gods.

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction method is considered the superior extraction method since it does not release any volatile substances. The resulting extract is pure, devoid of any trace of solvent. This extraction method has been used for many years in production of products such as decaffeinated coffee and essential oils. 

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3 reviews for OMM 3300 mg oil

  1. Che B.

    I know this sounds like a miracle, but here’s my experience: I was able to fight a virus with the Ozark Mountain Medicine’s 3300mg hemp oil. I put the Mucinex down! The magic is in the 300 mg dosage that I spread out evenly, and within hours it alleviated the symptoms and progression of flu and bronchitis.

    I contracted the flu and later on, it turned into bronchitis, on December 13th, 2022. I was experiencing severe viral symptoms: headache, fever, chills, high blood pressure, inflammation, vomiting, nausea, body aches, and stomach cramps with no help from OTC and pharmaceuticals. These were the hallmarks symptoms of respiratory viruses. I have been using Ozark Mountain Medicine’s 3300mg hemp oil for sometime now, so I decided to try it out and see how it would help my body fight the virus.

    The most miraculous thing happened. For the issues I was experiencing, it was recommended to use 300 mg (2 droppers full) evenly distributed. After just four doses of the oil, within 24 hours, my blood pressure and inflammation was reduced dramatically. This was day 2 (December 14th of the virus). On Day 3 (December 15th), I continued dosing in the morning, my appetite returned and I was also able to eat without feeling nauseous. As I continued to dose with the oil, I decided to combine it with the 3300 mg salve as well. By then my fever was GONE. The headaches, body aches, chills, nausea was significantly reduced. After being in bed since December 13th, I was able to get out of bed. Next, my cough was also reduced. My throat irritation was reduced after so many cough drops and organic teas did nothing. Within 24 hours, I discovered that Ozark Mountain medicine’s hemp oil has antiviral properties!! Today, I feel brand new! You can keep ruining your health and vitality with OTC’s and pharmaceuticals if you want to, but I know now that hemp is a true healer; especially OMM. Thank you, OMM

  2. Benjamin Jacobs

    Ozark Mountain Medicine’s CBD oil has been an entirely new discovery for me. It is difficult to compare this oil to other CBD oils on the market because it is so different. What I can say is that the taste is really good if one enjoys the taste of the hemp flower, it is not rough on the throat and its effects were very effective for me on general anxiety and sleep. I do not have particular pains so I cannot vouch for that but the physical effect it overall has is a very soothing one, keeping your mind sharp although calming the overall nervosity I have from time to time. Overall, a very good product, with high transparency on how the product is grown, harvested, processed, and made, and with outstanding quality which one can perceive when letting the oil rest under the tongue.

  3. Jade Morgan

    My body has been through a lot to say the least. Pains and aches from multiple different surgeries. I had to give in to taking the prescription pain pills that big pharm loves to hand out. I do not like those pills or the way they mess up my normal body systems. I stop taking them as soon as I can deal with the pain. So, pain is part of my daily life. I dont want it to be but it is. I took 4 drops of this product and havent had to take any other pain medication or OTC type. This has also helped me with a life-long problem of insomnia. I started sleeping better and do not feel groggy when I wake up. I am really excited about being able to give my body a break from taking pills. I hope that I find other health wise benefits from this very well put together process. Great job to you and your team for putting out such a quality and relieving product.

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