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OMM Topical 3300 mg CBD Salve

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CBD oil has been found to be extremely effective in topical application. This 1 ounce jar that I offer is packed with the same non-diluted 3300 milligrams as our CBD oil, and targets areas of discomfort with a soothing combination of shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and eucalyptus essential oil. A very small dab on your finger goes on smooth, and leaves no oily residue.

The active ingredient is the very same as the oil we offer, and was produced with care and intention.

What’s up with the 3300 mg?  This number is a measurement by weight (grams).

Most CBD oil on the market ranges from 300 mg to 1500 mg, with the most common being 500 mg. By diluting the original extracted oil with a higher concentration of the carrier oil, some suppliers can sell more bottles. Mine came in at 3300 milligrams after a single pass through a supercritical CO2 extractor. Because of the organic methods I use in growing, along with my harvesting, drying, and curing systems, the 3300 mg is very high without any additives. In other words, we don’t have to add isolates – an extract that contains cannabidiol – to achieve high potency. The proof is in the pudding.

— Bill Morgan

This is our original strength CBD salve. The same 3300 mg of medicine found in our CBD oil is carried by shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax, and eucalyptus essential oil. This blend goes on smooth, and leaves no oily residue. A small amount goes a long way.

Your endocannabinoid system will thank you!

For full COA information, visit our Hemp Products page by clicking here.

3 reviews for OMM Topical 3300 mg CBD Salve

  1. Che B.

    I have been using Ozark Mountain Medicine (OMM) Topical 3300 mg CBD Salve for over 2 years! OMM Topical 3300 mg CBD Salve is my holy grail. In 7 days this salve healed a SEVERE skin irritation. Below, my my review on how this salve healed my rash in 7 days. After that, I will leave an in-depth review on other aspects of the salve. All I can say is, you must have it. It is becoming my go-to cure all. I love testing it out new ways to use it.

    On July 31st I developed a severe rash on both my arms. The heat rash, sun burn, blisters, sweat bee stings, eczema flare up, irritations from allergic reaction to mosquito bites, and hyperpigmentation developing from the exacerbated skin. I spent all summer working, hiking and camping in heat.

    The rashes all combined and it was horrid. I could not wash my arms without searing pain and burning. I had extreme itching, peeling, blistering and pain. There were over 45 heat rash blisters on my arms. Keep in mind, I had an allergic reaction to sun screen and a pharmaceutical ointment to treat the rash, blisters, and stings.

    After, the pharmacy’s ointment and aloe vera gel did nothing, I applied the salve to both arms. The application was on July 30th. That day the rash was at it’s worse.
    I applied OMM’s Topical 3300 mg CBD Salve and within 5-10 minutes I could feel it working. Upon application the salve melted into my skin. The heat from the sun burn instantly began to cool. (Even a cold compress was unsuccessful, in pulling the heat out of the sun burn.) The itching, burning, and pain was alleviated within minutes. Also, the hemp inside the salve made me feel really calm.

    My skin did not peel and scar, my ecezma flare up was reduced in 3 days. The blisters and bumps dried out, and began to heal within 4 days. Also, the hyperpigmentation and scaring was reduced by 70 percent. Amazing. On August 9th my skin was fully healed. On day 7, my skin looked amazing! It was like a miracle. The rash, scarring blisters, swollen bug bites were all gone. I cried tears of joy! Thank you OMM.

    Salve Consistency and Ingredients
    OMM Topical 3300 mg CBD Salve melts into your skin in a luxurious thin layer; that coats the area without clogging pores. So, a little goes a long way. The salve allows the skin to breathe, and does not feel sticky, or greasy. It leaves no smell and does not stain fabrics. The salve contains all natural ingredients. In fact the ingredients list is very short! Furthermore, salve comes is strong jar that can literally fit into your pocket. I love how it melts in my skin and does NOT leave a greasy residue, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and smooth. I use it for countless things.

    Shipping and Customer Service
    Shipping was quick and my package arrived in securely sealed. Customers service was very kind, helpful, and gave me all the details on the hemp used, and the process!

    The Hemp:
    OMM Topical 3300 mg CBD Salve is produced from an advanced and impressive extraction process that is very clean. The hemp used is NOT industrially produced; thus it is small batch for quality. The hemp also has COA’s that indicate the credibility and safety of the hemp. The hemp salve is sourced from organic small batch cannabis that is grown with love: no pesticides, harsh chemicals, or plant growth hormones.

  2. Paula White

    I am in love with Bill’s salve! I have a couple of old injuries that plague me, one of which is a poorly healed break in my foot. Needless to say, some days simply walking can be painful. I have found that I can apply the tiniest amount of this miracle salve and am pain free in just a matter of minutes. I apply periodically throughout the day when I have to be on my feet and am so amazed how well this product works. The best part of this medicine is knowing exactly where it comes from and knowing that the ingredients are carefully sourced and combined with love and compassion for the consumer.

  3. Jade Morgan

    I have been dealing with a series of achilles tendon issues. Sprain turned into a full rupture, 5 months post surgery another full rupture, MRSA infection and another surgery. My ankle has been through a lot in the last 15 months. Pain, aches, and mobility issues to say the least. This salve is remarkable pain relief. After a tough day of PT, i put on a very small amount of this topical and boom, almost immediate relief followed by hours of freedom from the aches and pains of having this terrible injury. I have tried so many different products to help with some relief and this is the only one that has worked this well. Thank you for your great product and taking pride in the process. I actually makes a difference.

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